Hooves Battle Network 2 is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a game by YoshiEgg, please do not edit except for spelling.


All of Animetropolis has been training for this! It's Hooves Battle Network 2! It basically has the same story as Hooves Battle Network, but, it takes off after Hooves 5: The Death of a Friend.

Playable Characters











Young Hooves

Master Rex

Nintendo WFC

Using Nintendo WFC, you can battle your friends online, make a userpage, and create a battle card! You can also unlock 3 new characters through WFC with PPs. They are:

The Skull Titan: 30 PP

The Matter Titan: 50 PP

Gigantic Polar Opposite: 100 PP

A new feature using Nintendo WFC is Mii Sandbox Mode. Mii Sandbox Mode is like training mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but you get to play as the Mii of your choice. The Miis have their own special movesets and special move.


In Hooves 4: The Return of Sevooh, the fighting competition that Hooves and friends were training for, HBN2, hinted this game.

This game was originally going to be called Hooves Battle Network Deluxe, since it stayed so much like the original, but, the developers thought that it should be called Hooves Battle Network 2.

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