Hooves Battle Network is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a game by --Yoshieggsig1Yoshieggsig2, please do not edit except for spelling. It is for the Nintendo DS and Wii.

Story: (Yes, a fighting game can have an overall purpose...)

In the land of Animetropolis, there was a feud going on. The citizens of Animetropolis wanted to find out who is strongest being in the world. Hooves, Giraffey, Shnartzel, Ray, and Frostbite were the first 5 to join into the competition. Next were some of the Titans, The Skull Titan, The Matter Titan, The Space Titan, The Swamp Titan, and The Doom Titan. Then, a portal opened up in the distance and out crawled Sevooh, Yeffarig, Aguleb, Yar, and, Frostbite's new polar opposite, Etibtsorf. They wanted to enter the copetition, too. So did Leztranhs, who crawled out of another portal. Now that the maximum number of players was met, the competition commensed.

Playable Characters

Look above /\


Wi-Fi Connection

Using Nintendo WFC, you can battle your friends for supremecy from around the globe! And, in WFC mode, you can get Pig Points (PP), which you can cash in at the Animetropolis WFC Plaza to unlock 3 new characters for the game! You get 5 PP for each match that you win. Here are the 3 characters you can unlock via PP:

Young Hooves: 50 PP

Eetanam: 70 PP

Master Rex: 150 PP

Also using Nintendo WFC, you can create a profile page just for you! You get to create a username, a password, and a Fighter Card, which you can print out on the internet by entering the code on the virtual version of the card in the computer.

Another WFC feature for the game are trophies, which you get for either winning a certain amount of matches online and/or unlocking all 3 of the secret WFC characters.

Ending: (Spoiler Alert!!!)

After winning all the tournaments, the character that you are receives a supremecy medal and is made the strongest being in Animetropolis. If you do this with all characters, (including the secret WFC characters) you get a gold star on your WFC profile page and card.

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