Hooves 8: The End is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it's a game by YoshiEgg, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is the last game in the Hooves (series).

Story and Ending: (Spoiler Alert!!!)

After the events of Hooves 7: The War, Hooves and the army were sent to Antimattertropolis to go defeat the brainwashed titans and restore order to Animetropolis. After defeating all of the titans, Hoove's army arrived at The Demon Titan's castle, which was overrun with giant Gooks and mutated bat-creatures. After defeating a huge swarm of Gooks and bats, Hooves and the gang arrived in The Demon Titan's room, which was a colossal battllefeild. The Demon Titan confronted the gang, and then, the final battle begun. After supposedly defeating The Demon Titan, he used one final move that shot one-billion needles at the army, enough needles to kill every single one of Hoove's army! As The Demon Titan let out an evil laugh, he saw Hooves, who was bleeding and laying on the ground, get up. "No..." said The Demon Titan, "Impossible... Unbelievable... The prophecy is being foretold....". As Hooves got up, he started glowing bright. His eyes turned a gleaming golden color. "The prophecy!" said The Demon Titan, watching the pig in horror, " 'The power of the chosen six dominates evil...'...". Then, Giraffey, Shnartzel, Frostbite, Beluga, and Ray got up and started glowing, too. All together, the chosen six ran at The Demon Titan and the real final battle started. After a long fight, the chosen six defeated the Demon Titan, stopped glowing, their injuries healed, and everyone got up. The Eternal Clouds faded away and Animetropolis was saved forever. The Light Titan then rose from behind the fading clouds and congratulated Hooves and all of Animetropolis for their valiant heroism. The Light Titan then destroyed Antimattertropolis and peace was restored to the land.

The End

Playable Characters








Plantain (the karate chopping monkey)

Meow (the karate chopping cat)

Slither (the karate chopping snake)

Dots (the karate chopping dragon)

Ruff (the karate chopping dog)

Chip (the karate chopping chipmunk)

Ahoy (the karate chopping parrot)

Bubba (the karate chopping hippo)

Red (the karate chopping robin)

Shellshock (the karate chopping snapping turtle)

Blue (the karate chopping bluebird)


Coming Soon!!!

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