Hooves 7: The War is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it's a game by YoshiEgg, please don't edit except for spelling errors.


In the once peaceful land of Animetropolis, darkness was rising...again. Since The Demon Titan's presence was known, Hooves and friends declared war on The Demon Titan and his new race of evil beings, the Gook species, which looked like Hoove's body with an elephant's head, trunk, and ears and a dinosaur tail in the back. The Demon Titan was hiding somewhere at the edge of The Eternal Clouds, so Hooves and friends decided to bring their Animetropolis Army there to defeat The Demon Titan once and for all...

The Army







The Skull Titan

The Doom Titan

The Matter Titan

The Swamp Titan

The Sky Titan

The Earth Titan

Plantain (the karate chopping monkey)

Meow (the karate chopping cat)

Slither (the karate chopping snake)

Dots (the karate chopping dragon)

Ruff (the karate chopping dog)

Chip (the karate chopping chipmunk)

Ahoy (the karate chopping parrot)

Bubba (the karate chopping hippo)

Red (the karate chopping robin)

Shellshock (the karate chopping snapping turtle)

Blue (the karate chopping bluebird)

Ending (Spoiler Alert!!!)

After arriving at the edge of The Eternal Clouds, the army saw The Demon Titan, back and scarier than ever, holding a tied up, screaming and crying Giraffey, whom he had pulled out of a giant pot of the black liquid. The army then learned that the black liquid was acting as a portal to the Underworld, where all of the dead citizens of Animetropolis and The Demon Titan layed for the rest of eternity until someone performed the ancient ritual that only the evil citizens of The Voip World knew about, (bringing purpose to the incidents of all of the previous games) and only killed Giraffey because he wanted to use him as bait for Hoove's army to find him so that they could watch him destroy Animetropolis. So, after revealing his master plan, The Demon Titan gave Hoove's army one last challenge: He took over all of the titans, made The Matter Titan create a new Animetropolis (Antimattertropolis) filled with Gooks, made all of the titans the "world bosses", and sent Hoove's army to Antimattertropolis for the final battle...

Then, in big letters, the words appear "To Be Continued...".


Coming Soon!!!

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