Hooves 6: The Mystery Unfolds is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a game by YoshiEgg, please do not edit except for spelling errors.


In the once peaceful land of Animetropolis, paranoia is spreading. Citizens are afraid that something horrible is going to happen, and Hooves and his gang have already gotten a warning sign that they're the first to go. The polar opposites are pretty much dead, except for the good one, Leztranhs, which is a huge gain, but, Hooves and friends are taking serious note of Sevooh's message. "If I can't defeat you this time, I'm reviving something that can...". Those words are ringing through Hooves and gang's heads. What was the black liquid? What did Sevooh mean? What is going on? Hooves and friends intend to findthe answers to these questions and more. Now, strange clouds are forming over Animetropolis that can't be passed through. The citizens call them "The Eternal Clouds". There is one cloud fortress high into The Eternal Clouds that is raining the black liquid. Hooves and friends spring into action once again, with the help of The Skull Titan, The Matter Titan, The Swamp Titan, The Doom Titan, and Leztranhs to try and unfold this crazy mystery...

Playable Characters

Hooves (default)

Beluga (default)

Ray (default)

Shnartzel (default)

Leztranhs (default)

Playable Titans

The Skull Titan (default)

The Matter Titan (default)

The Swamp Titan (default)

The Doom Titan (default)

Ending: (Spoiler Alert!!!)

After arriving at the cloud fortress, Hooves and friends spy a huge pot of the black liquid with a leak in it, making it rain down on Animetropolis. The pot was steaming black shadow and the black liquid started to turn blood red. The steam shot at everyone, making Frostbite melt a little and the others feeling that they weren't alone. Suddenly, they all started hearing voices. They all said "I'm back...". After the voices stopped, The Demon Titan rose out of the liquid. After a long battle with The Demon Titan, they find out that The Demon Titan was a fake, but the fake Demon Titan said this message before disappearing into the sky: "The Demon has returned... The Demon shall rule... The Demon has risen...". After going back down to Animetropolis, Hooves and the gang warned Animetropolis that The Demon Titan has risen again and that they were going to war.

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