Hooves 5: The Death of a Friend is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a game by User:YoshiEgg, please do not edit except for spelling errors.


In the peaceful land of Animetropolis, there is a mystery stirring up. Nobody knows what happened at the events of Sevooh Returns, but, everybody knows one thing: It's not good. Everybody is really worried about Hooves, since Sevooh said "If I can't defeat you this time, I'll revive something that can...", but, Hooves isn't worried. He's insisted to his friends, family, and all of Animetropolis that he can take care of himself. But, right when Hooves said that, Sevooh's goons came along. They looked different. They looked stronger... Suddenly, Yeffarig snuck up behind Giraffey and killed him! Then, after the killing, the polar opposites chanted together in a zombie-like tone, "Heed this warning....". Then, they flew away, leaving behind a bunch of little bombs. As they reached Sevooh's old cloud, the bombs exploded, opening up little portals to Voip World everywhere. More polar opposites and Voip World creatures crawled out. Hooves and his gang were astonished at what they had just saw. They needed to save the world. Plus, they had lost a friend, and they intended to get revenge about it...

Playable Characters

Hooves (default)

Frostbite (default)

Beluga (default)

Ray (default)

Shnartzel (default)

Leztranhs (unlocked after level 4)

Ending: (Spoiler Alert!!!)

After arriving at the cloud, Hooves and friends found another pot, identical to the one Sevooh had owned, and the polar opposites standing around it. But, when Hooves and friends charged at the polar opposites, the opposites turned into the black liquid and, like magnets, went inside the pot. Seconds later, they all came out as a superbeing of some sort. It was gigantic! It had Etibtsorf's head, Yeffarig's body, arms, and legs, and a mixture of Yar and Aguleb's tails. After fighting the Giant Polar Opposite, Frostbite destroyed the pot again, but the liquid just evaporated into the sky. Now that Hooves and friends were convinced that Animetropolis was in serious danger, they went back to the dojo and trained for fights to come...


Coming Soon!!!

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