Hooves 4: The Return of Sevooh is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a game by YoshiEgg, please do not edit except for spelling.


In the evil land of The Voip World, Sevooh, Yar, Aguleb, Etibtsorf, and Yeffarig were scheming about ways that they could get revenge on Hooves and his gang and destroy Animetropolis when Sevooh came up with an idea. "Hey!" he said, "If Hooves and his gang ventured out to the edge of The Voip World and found the second portal, there's no reason why we can't!". Sevooh's goons agreed and they set out to the second portal. Meanwhile, in the peaceful land of Animetropolis, Hooves and his gang were training for a new big fighting competition, which was something codenamed HBN2, when Sevooh and his goons snuck out of the portal and crept all the way to the highest cloud in Animetropolis, sending out Yeffarig, Aguleb, Yar, and Etibtsorf to go fend off Hooves and the gang when they found out about all this, making 4/5 of the polar opposites the "world bosses". Of course, soon after, many other polar opposites and strange Voip World creatures came out of the portal and started wreaking havoc, and Hooves and the gang set off to defeat Sevooh once and for all.

Playable Characters

Hooves (default)

Giraffey (default)

Ray (default)

Shnartzel (default)


Leztranhs (unlocked after level 3)


The new secret fighting competition, HBN2, hints something. If you find out the secret, don't tell anyone!

Ending: (Spoiler Alert!!!)

After arriving at Sevooh's evil cloud, he sees Sevooh conjering up something in a mysterious pot, chanting some ancient words. Shadow was all around him, and, as he turned around to look at Hooves and the gang, his eyes were red as blood. He had grown fangs, horns, and pitch-black dragon wings. Sevooh had wanted to, if he couldn't kill Hooves, revive something that could. But what could it be? Just as Sevooh was telling them that, Frostbite had shot the pot with an icicle blast and spilled the black liquid inside all over the floor. Then, furious, Sevooh viciously attacked Hooves and the gang. After a long battle with the weird Sevooh, Sevooh had fallen off of the cloud and died, the portals closed up and sucked Sevooh's goons inside, and the black liquid rose into the sky. Still confused and bewildered of the events that just took place, Hoove's gang went back to the now peaceful Animetropolis.


Coming Soon!!!

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