Hooves 3: Mind Over Matter Titan is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling.


All is very peaceful in the land of Animetropolis. Too peaceful... The citizens of Animetropolis are acting strangely lately. They feel as though a disaster hasn't happened in quite some time, so they're worried about a huge disaster happening that catches them off guard. And, unfortunately, Animetropolis was in great danger. The Matter Titan, ruler and creator of all matter, solid, liquid, or gas, has been mysteriously brainwashed and is on a psycotic rampage, bringging all matter that he sees to life. The ground now has eyes. Water now has a gigantic mouth. Everything is falling apart in the land of Animetropolis, and who will save it? Then, of course, Hooves, Giraffey, Shnartzel, and Ray spring into action, along with a snowman that The Matter Titan had brought to life, Frostbite, and The Skull Titan, and go on a quest to stop the madness.

Playable Characters

Hooves (default)

Giraffey (default)

Shnartzel (default)

Ray (default)

Frostbite (unlocked after level 1)

Playable Titans

The Skull Titan (unlocked after level 5)

Ending: (Spoiler Alert!!!)

After arriving at The Matter Titan's fortress, they already find out it is too late. The natural order has been tampered with, and, without The Matter Titan's help, Animetropolis is turning into pure matter, which is a purpley kind of liquid/solid with no smell, texture, or taste. But, since Frostbite is a talking snowman, he freezes all of the pure matter, they all walk across it, and the battle commenses. It's a long fight, but, in the end, The Matter Titan snaps out of his brainwash and the natural order is restored.


Coming Soon!!!

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