Hooves 2: The Secret of the Shrine is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling. It is the second game in the Hooves series.


In the now peaceful land of Animetropolis, there lives a happy, karate chopping pig named Hooves and a happy, timid giraffe named Giraffey, along with many other happy, talking animal friends. All is peacefull and wonderful in Animetropolis, until Hooves and Giraffey go for a walk one day and discover a mysterious shrine. The shrine has ancient writing and drawings carved into it and, when Hooves steps on the circular platform it had on it, a huge portal opens up and sucks Hooves and Giraffey into a parallell dimension called Voip World. Voip World is the polar opposite of Animetropolis, where the Anti versions of Animetropolis's citizens live. Hooves is soon confronted by his anti-version, Sevooh, who has a battle with Hooves, and, in the middle of the brawl, sneaks away into the portal and brings the opposites of Giraffey, Beluga, and Ray (Yeffarig, Aguleb, and Yar) to the real world to reek havoc. Finding out about this, Hooves, Giraffey, and the only good anti-being in Voip World, Leztranhs (Shnartzel's polar opposite) set out to find the other portal, which is all the way on the edge of Voip World, and stop Sevooh from destroying Animetropolis.

Playable Characters

Hooves (default)

Giraffey (default)

Leztranhs (unlocked after you beat level 1)

Beluga (unlocked in level 5)

Ending: (Spoiler Alert!)

Hooves, Giraffey, Leztranhs, and Beluga rush through the portal just as Sevooh and his goons begin opening up portals everywhere and let all the polar opposites from Voip World wreek havoc. Hooves and friends then fight all of the polar opposites right down to Sevooh. After Sevooh is defeated, all the polar opposites get sucked back into Voip World, all the portals close up, and Hooves destroys the shrine. During the credits, as Hooves is walking away from the demolished shrine, a peice of it glows and an evil laugh is heard in the background.


  • Sevooh and the rest of the polar opposite's names are Hooves and the rest of the good guy's names spelled backwards.


Coming Soon!

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