Hooves 2.5: The Legend of the Mask is a game by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games. Since it is YoshiEgg's game, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is the third game in the Hooves series.


In the land of Animetropolis, polar opposites of it's greatest heroes were being popped out of portals and destroying Animetropolis. The cause: A strange shrine, that, when Hooves stepped upon it, the portals opened and he got sucked into one. After that all ended, people were probably asking "What's with the shrine?" and "How did it get there?". Well, in this story, your questions will be answered. This is the story of Hoove's master, Master Rex. Now, back in the old days, when Hooves was just a boy, Master Rex had gone away for some time on a buisiness trip and young Hooves was left in the hands of Shnartzel's grandfather, Eetanam. Except, Master Rex wasn't away for buisiness, and, if Hooves had been a little older and wiser, he would have realized that Master Rex had no job. Master Rex was searching for a mysterious mask that could turn people into stone. It was in the possession of Master Rex's archenemy: The Demon Titan. (This was back in the days when The Demon Titan wasn't as powerful as he is now.) Master Rex sided with The Life Titan many years ago in the possession battle, so The Demon Titan had held a grudge against Master Rex, too. Putting many obstacles in his way, The Demon Titan sat in his lair, watching and waiting for Master Rex, Rex's friend and Ray's father, Gnits, to find him...

Playable Characters

Master Rex (default)

Gnits (default)

Eetanam (after level 7)

Young Hooves (after level 5)

Ending: (Spoiler Alert!!!)

After arriving at The Demon Titan's fortress, Master Rex, Gnits, Eetanam, and Young Hooves get into a huge battle with The Masked Demon Titan. After the battle, The Masked Demon Titan is weak, but he can still use the mask. So, he curses Gnits with the Voip World curse, turns Gnits to a stone shrine, and curses Young Hooves with a curse that activates the Voip World curse by touch. Then, The Demon Titan shoots up into the sky, vowing revenge against Master Rex.


Eetanam and Gnit's names are Manatee and Sting backwards, since Shnartzel and Ray are a manatee and a stingray.

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