Hoves, the karate chopping Pig.

You'll be sorry you messed with Animetropolis, because it wasn't nice. I don't like people who aren't nice...
Hooves, Hooves: The Karate Chopping Pig

Hooves is a talking, karate chopping pig who hails from Animetropolis. He is the main protagonist in the Hooves series. Hoove's best friend is Giraffey, who isn't as strong as Hooves. Hooves knows 1,556,345,700,000,235,009 different martial arts moves and isn't easily defeated.

After the events of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, he becomes the manager for the Wasteland Warriors, keeping track of missions and mentoring them.


Hooves is a strong, independent guy with a very big attitude. He's not afraid of anything and will take any challenge.

List of Quotes

"No need to thank me. I'm just a pig with a vengeance."

"And if you ever come to this place again, I'll pound you into next month..."

"'In the name of The Light Titan..."

"Messing with the balance of this world wasn't nice. Killing my master wasn't nice..."

"Master! No!"


Super Smash Bros. DS: Rise of the Defeated

In Super Smash Bros. DS: Rise of the Defeated, Hooves can be seen in a block of ice in the Pokémon Stadium 3 stage.


A full gallery of all artwork of Hooves.

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