Species Boo
Location  ?
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Whip
Ability/ies Intangibility, spectral power, whip skills and summoning Boos
First Appearance  ?
Hooser is an old Boo from the west who likes exploration, especially exploring caves and mines to find treasures, as well gems or gold in general.


Hooser is a bit serious, but he likes company by his side, he detests to see someone manipulate someone else or damage others. Hooser spends most of his time exploring mines with groups of Boos by his side to later trade or keep the treasures that they find.


Hooser can attack foes with help of his whip or other Boos, his whip is very special in the fact that it uses spectral power to make it stronger. His skills include:

  • Whip Assault: A simple whip attack that uses little to nothing spectral power. It causes little physical damage which is why he mostly uses it for other reasons such as scaring away enemies and striking the environment.
  • Ghostly Strike: Hooser charges up a large amount of spectral power on his whip and uses it to strike the opponent with a powerful blow.
  • Scary Look: Hooser modifies his face using spectral power to make it look horrifying in order to scare away his foes, this ability works at least 50% of the time.
  • Untangibility: He becomes intangible, allowing any sort of attack to go right through him, however, he can't stay untangible for long as it drains his energy and he can't move while being untangible.