Hoolyland is Hooly's amusement park that lays at the end of the world. It is larger than all the Disneylands and Disneyworlds combined, due to the fact Hooly put all of his captured land into here.

Theme parks

Hoolyland features nine theme parks so far. Each park is represented by an ironic structure.

  • The 6 Star Hotel - Hooly's Office Building
  • Untamed Wild - The Dangerous Zoo
  • Oil Spill Bottom - The HP Oil Headquaters
  • Hooris - The Rifle Tower
  • Hooly's Racist Resort - The Stupid's Boatride
  • Uptopian Hoolyland - Shuttle H
  • Mack Flack's Mind - Gullible Island
  • Furious Fire - The Really Unsafe Bridge
  • Octagon 8 - Math Street

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