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Hooly, the rich Squisentient.
Full Name Hooly
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Location Hoolyworld
Current Status Dating
Class Anti-Hero, Squisentient, Hoolanire (that's right, he's so rich that they had to come up with a new number)
Main Weapon(s) Tentacles, Army, Nukes, Insults, etc.
Element(s) Greed
Vulnerable To Poison, Blackmail
First Appearance Doodleland Wars
Latest Appearance Little Big Doodleland 3 (supporting)
Family and Relations
Kooltana (girlfriend), Hooligans (army), Zak (friend), Darkclaw (friend), Dan (best friend), animal versions of him (enemies)

This character cannot be used whatsoever unless given explicit permission from the owner.

Hooly is a character that first appeared in Worlds of Creation, although, he does not actually show himself. He owns three pieces of land, Hooly Land, Hooly's Private Island, and Hoolyworld. He is probably richer than Bill Gates, but it didn't start that way over night.

He appeared in all of the of the Doodleland Wars, the fourth one being his least important role as a cameo. He appears in the first one as Dan's rival, however when they meet Hooly's main enemy, Devel, they team up to kill him. He appears at the end of the second one, telling Zak and and the rest of the party that they must give him four million dollars to repair Hoolyland. In the third one, he is attacked by animal verisons of him, and briefly becames Darth Hooly. In Doodleland Wars 4, he makes a cameo in the mall and a spaceship that looks like him appears outside the airport. In the final Doodleland Wars, Hooly attempts to sue a TV host, and comes in contact with Phil's ghost. He later helps everybody get to their bodies that were stolen by Devel.

He also appeared in Fantendo Epic Dodgeball, and is on Team Phoniex.

His theme is Walking On A Dream (Pogo edit), which can be heard here.

He has a evil doppleganger named Hardy. Don't get them confused though...


As a child, he robbed banks with his friends. After getting enough money, he bought a mind control helmet to control his friends. After putting all the money in the bank, it tripled in size, making him extremely rich. However, one of his friends, Devel, found out. Devel attempted to blackmail Hooly, but in a tragic accident involving a jar of Miracle Whip and a car, he lost all of his memories about Hooly's hypnotism, but lost all of his limbs as well. He vowed revenge against Hooly, and it has been that way ever since.

He has no role other being an aristocrat in society, and is happy about that.

He secertly does charity work at children hospitals, but doesn't want anyone to know about it.

His mother and dad are a complete mystrey to him, and he claims to have never seen his dad. He claims that his mother was a white squid, not a Squisentient.

"I never really did find out about my father. I would assume he was just like me, but the world's a strange place." - Hooly, on his father in a interview.


Hooly is an blue floating squid. He has yellow tentacles and a red hat. His red hat does nothing really, and isn't strudy like a baseball cap. He is often shown with a smiling face, although he is shown being worried and mad. He is often portrayed as a perfect character with no faults, although in the Doodleland series this shown not to be the case.

Media Appearances

Worlds of Creation

He appears as a cameo appearance in the end, giving Tritan 1% of his money, which is hauled by 5 dump trucks.

Doodleland Wars

In Doodleland Wars, he fought against Dan, for having the same hat as him and invading Hoolyland. Devel begins to attack, but Dan and Hooly destroy him and his army.

Doodleland Wars 2

In Doodleland Wars 2, he appeared at the end, saying Zak and the others have to pay him four million dollars to repair the damage they caused.

Doodleland Wars 3

In Doodleland Wars 3, he is attacked by animal verisons of him, who he later traps in a building meant for fiery deaths. He later comes across Ramona, and they try to solve the problem the parasites are causing, but unleash hell instead. Later, Hooly is thrown into a vat of melting acid, and becomes Darth Hooly,which is they only time he looks like a person.

Doodleland Wars 4

In Doodleland Wars 4, he is a brief cameo character in the mall.

Doodleland Wars 5

In Doodleland Wars 5, he attempts to sue a TV show host. When he gets home, he is greeted by Phil's ghost, and tries to get the bodies of his friends that were stolen by Devel.

Little Big Doodleland 3

Despite not appearing in the last three, Hooly appears near the end at the Dark Scribble Followers meeting (he was there for the refreshments) and accidently blows Sarah and Ramona's cover, but is later saved by Melodia. He also delivers the final blow to the Dark Scribble by throwing an Hooligan at him. He is shown to be the last out, having cramps from the refreshments.

Doodleland: Another Story

He is one of the main characters, and the story will explain more about Hooly and what happened to him before Doodleland started. Of that, not much is revealed.

Fantendo Epic Dodgeball

He appears a playable character, who's powers are unknown.

Hooly save world

He appears in it as the main character.

Hooly and the Power Struggle

He appears in it as the main character.

Bearded Smiley & Mr. Chilli: The Fate of Annoyance

Hooly cameo's briefly in the trial and post-trial cutscenes and then plucks up the courage to speak to Bearded and Chilli. He will help out the player with advice after making recurring appearances in the storyline. Items can be used but now each player can use items from all series.

Stelivil's Smilonian Open

Hooly's appearance in Fate of annoyance greenlit a playable appearance in Stelivil's Smilonian Open.

Hooly's Army

Hooly's old friends are the amoung the highest ranked in Hooly's Army, however, Riflok is in charge when Hooly is not present.


Hooly's army mainly consist of Hooligans, Kirby-like men, who often carry two guns and ALWAYS wear sunglasses. No exceptions.

Cul People

Cul people are the next rank. Your duties are to rob banks and attack the enemy.

46 Whiners

The lowest rank. As a 46 Whiner, your job is to hunt for food. It is a very dangerous job, as Hooly prefers his food from the Gourmet Caves, which are extremely dangerous to venture through.

Cooks with No Book

The second lowest rank. As a Cook with No Book, you must prepare Hooly's meals without a book. Often, you can just dump some food in there, stir it, and taste it. Add a little spice if necessary.

Teh DJ

Teh DJ makes music for Hooly. He is there with him at all times, just in case Hooly wants some epic music in the background.


The Tellyman straps a TV to his back and carries it around him. It is Hooly's entertaiment on the go.


Hoolygaurds follow Hooly where ever he must go. They are much like Hooligans, except they follow Hooly.

His school pictures

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