Current Age  ?
Gender Male
Species Bandit
Location Mushroom City
Class Villain
King Polarite
Ability/ies martial arts and high amounts of physical strength
First Appearance Super Mario Revival (first season)

Hoolio is a young and brash Bandit who appears in the the first season of Super Mario Revival. He is a member of King Polarite's army, and like all of King Polarite's minions, he was once good.

Hoolio, like the rest of King Polarite's minions, is determined to find the Gleaming Treasure and help King Polarite to take over the world. He is rowdy and loves to roughhouse, and this of himself as cool and badass big shot. Hoolio bullies Feldi, one of his fellow cohorts and sees him as a sissy. Hoolio sees Feldi as lower than him. He sometimes tricks him into doing things for him and also asks him to do deeds and chores.

To find the Gleaming Treasure, Hoolio often does brash things, such as robbing a store, bullying little kids, and even trying to seduce and swoon Toadette in hopes that she might be the on who owns it.


Hoolio is a grey bandit who wears grey gloves and a ripped, red vest as well. He also wears black sunglasses, and eye black under his eyes.

Beta Designs

There was originally going to be a villain named Sashi, who was a stealthy yet serious ninja with an outfit clearly based on sushi. His name came from the word 'sashimi'.

Sashi wasn't much of a bully type of character and he didn't have a mean personality, but he was quite daring and rebellious as Hoolio is.

As every other villain got redesigned or replaced, Sashi was replaced by Hoolio. They are technically not the same character, but they have the same base personality- aloof, "badass", thinks he's cooler than the rest, etc.


  • Hoolio's name is a pun on the word 'hooligan' and then name 'Julio'.