Hooded Desert
Greater Location Hood'Earth
First Appearance Hood'ems
Latest Appearance Fantendo ObstaCourse
Location Type Desert
Included Environment(s)
Notable Resident(s)
The Hooded Desert is a desert in Hood'ems.


The Hooded Desert is a desert. It supprisingly, has no cacti.



This was the first thing you see in the game, as you see Red and Yellow having a stroll in the hooded desert. The Ninjas then come and seperate them.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Mercury

This game gave the desert a name and got Zwölf Elf Sieben to edit the game, and change the name to Hooded Desert, rather than just "A Desert".

Fantendo ObstaCourse

This is in the Tanooki League. It is the only Hood'ems stage in it.

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