Hood'ems: The Pharaoh's Curse is an game developed by Phoniex Circle for several unconfirmed consoles.


Bits and pieces from an Pharaoh King have been found by Mr. Sewn. Mr. Sewn wants to use the Pharaoh King as a way to take over the world, as the Pharaoh King succeeded but was defeated by two aliens who have unknown identities. Mr. Sewn attempts to resurrect the Pharaoh King, but is stopped by Red and Yellow. Later, Red and Yellow find the two aliens disguised as Hood'ems. Just then, Mr. Sewn comes out riding a dragon and the four must stop him.

The four manage stop him, and in doing so, have injured the dragon so much he runs away in pain. Mr. Sewn assures that this isn't the end of him, and runs off. The aliens tell their story, and Yellow and Red find out their true identity. Just then, the Pharaoh King is ressurected, and rises a sand-snake from the desert to attack the Hood'ems.






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