Developer(s) 12 11 6
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
December 2nd 2011
Genre(s) Fighting, adventure
Hood'ems (アップフード、それらすべてを - Hood them all up) is a fan game idea. With a touch with some characters, with BIG heads.


Yellow and Red are walking through the desert when deadly ninjas appear. Yellow and Red are seperated, and must find their way to each other. The characters have very big heads, and angry faces.


Image Name Description
Hood'em red Red N/A
Hood'em yellow Yellow N/A
Hood'em bear Bear N/A
Robot Robot N/A
Hood'em blue Blue N/A
Hood'em mr green Mr. Green N/A
Hood'em orange Orange N/A
Hood'em mr sew'n Mr. Sew'n N/A
Hood'em mr wrinkle Mr. Wrinkle N/A
Hood'em mr hidden Mr. Hidden N/A
Hood'em black Ninja-Black N/A


Each level idea is the same, but with different objectives. Once you finish a level, you can play it as any character on Free Play. The view is 3rd person, behind the player, but if the player stands in certain places where it wouldn't see it, it will become birds eye view until the view is abled again. When the character that is playable at that point in time, it becomes first person for a few seconds, and they die, and the words "game over" appear, and it can be loaded from the last checkpoint. Each of the attack buttons do different attacks, eg. yellow's: kick, punch, strangle, stab. The player has 4 lives before they die, and lives can be collected if some are lost.


Level 1

Yellow is player 1. Red is player 2. Destination is Hooded Desert. Level Target is defeat 150 Ninjas.

Level 2

Red is player 1. Blue is player 2. Destination is the forest. Level Targets are: Find and kill all 10 Ninjas, and defeat Mr. Green.

Level 3

Red is player 1. Blue is player 2. Destination is the forest. Level Target is: Defeat Bear.

Level 4

Yellow is player 1. Robot is player 2. Destination is London. Level Targets are: Find 5 cogs for Robot, and defeat Mr. Sew'n.

Level 5

Red is player 1. Bear is player 2. Destination is the forest. Level targets are: Get to the checkpoint, and defeat Mr. Wrinkle.

Level 6

Red is player 1. Yellow is player 2. Destination is Hooded Desert. Level Target is: Defeat Mr. Hidden.



A full gallery of all artwork from the game.

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