Hood'em World of Fun - The Video Game is a roller-coaster building video game. It consists of the parts in Hood'em World of Fun. From those parts, you can build together many rides. and create your own parks! It is on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo 64, Wii U and the HooD'S.


Coaster Parts


Image Name Description Originated How to Unlock
Raft The standard raft for a water ride, the Raft is ready to, well, Splash! Splash! Starter
Dangle Being twisted in every direction, while dangling by your head, Dangle has it all! Build a ride
Spinning Circle Spinning round to the right endlessly, the spinning circle is sick! Sew'n Spin Complete the Sew'n task
Sew'n Cart Dressed eagerly as Mr. Sew'n, the Sew'n cart can handle all sorts of tracks! Mr. Sew'n's Backwards Coaster Starter
Bear Cart So much dangling, yet sitting calmly, sit in the hanging Bear Cart! Bear-Coaster Build a Dangle ride

Spinning left and right? Excuse me while I get puked or pscyhed out.

Mr. Sew'n's Takeover 2: Jailbreak Ride Build a Pizza stand.

Around the park


Image Name Likes Mission
Hood'em black Ninja

Fast Rides

Crashing Coast
Hood'em yellow Yellow

Calm Rides

Hood'em red Red

Fast Rides

Thrill Rides

Hood'em orange Orange

Fast Rides

Thrill Rides

Calm Rides

Hood'em mr wrinkle Mr. Wrinkle Laser rides Laser
Hood'em bear Bear Bear Cart BeaMission
Hood'em mr sew'n Mr. Sew'n Nothing Sew'batage

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