Honey Camera
Honey Camera's Appearance
Full Name Honey Camera/Main Core
Current Age 90
Gender Male
Species Robotic Talking Camera
Location Beehives
Current Status Activated
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Lasers (shot from the trunk), Honeys (shot from the trunk)
Vulnerable To Throwable Objects
First Appearance Mario Country
Honey Cameras/Main Cores are Robotic entity beings that has a light teal trunk, that look stones with blue grass on them, they have one eye with red pupil, they talk and shoot lasers and honeys out of their trunks, he first appears in Mario Country, he is the main Boss of Honeyhive Chaos

Mario Country

He appears as a boss of Honeyhive Chaos, He attacks Mario/Donkey Kong by shooting Lasers, if hit, he will activate honey mode, as his pupil will turn yellow, and he will begin to shoot honey on the floor, making the boss fight harder, he must be hit 6 times to be defeated, after being defeated, he will initiate Self-destruct sequence, in 5 minutes, if mario dosen't escape, the honey hive will blow up. alot of them appears in backgrounds of honeyhive themed levels slaving Bees for honey in the background

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