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New Homing Boomerang Flower

A Homing Boomerang Flower

The Homing Boomerang Flower is a special variant of the Boomerang Flower . It has yet to appear in any games and is both more effective and more dangerous for the player.


  • Homing - For the first couple of seconds the Boomerang will target a specific enemy (depends on player's character) and will attempt to hunt down the target
  • After it loses momentum it will return to its user like a regular boomerang
  • Homing Boomerangs can be caught by Boomerang Bros , reverting the user to regular Boomerang Flower abilities.
  • The Homing Boomerang is thrown so it is impossible to jump on, therefore it is dangerous for players fighting a Homing Boomerang Bro.


The Homing Boomerang Flower has yet to make an appearance in any Mario games or otherwise. It is one of several Flowers that are inactive.


  • Every User has a different coding for the Homing Boomerang
    • Mario targets enemies closest to him
    • Luigi targets enemies furtherest from him
    • Peach prioritizes fast enemies, then enemies eastmost to her
    • Toad prioritizes flying enemies, then enemies westmost from him
    • Homing Boomerang Bro. targets players in this order: 2,3,1,4
    • Rosalina prioritizes enemies which take multiple hits to defeat, then enemies closest to her
    • Wario prioritizes enemies with the colours Red, Orange and Yellow on them and the closest among them
    • Waluigi prioritzes enemies with the colours Green, Blue and Purple on them and the furtherest among them
    • Toadette prioritizes enemies which take one hit to defeat, then enemies furtherest from her


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