Dark is woken in the night and suits up, using martial arts to break down his door. He hears a mysterious sound, going to his front door. Embarassingly, he finds but a bunny rabbit. It hops away, and he hopes no one saw him. The next day at The Jam, they laugh at him, telling him that they saw out their windows after they were woken up by Dark slamming down his door. Dark's face is incredibly red as they all have a drink.

Brandon turns on the TV to see Nowhere News, where they learn that the downtown dojo has been swallowed underground mysteriously. The others pay little mind, but Dark is shocked, stating that he learned martial arts there. Dark suits up and goes to investigate, with the others reluctantly following.

In the middle of town, the police are investigating, but are comically useless. Dark heads inside, while the others stay behind. However, they enter when they hear a shrill scream. Dark has been enveloped by a tentacle. Sam tries to pry Dark from it, but the tentacle won't budge. Impatiently, Brandon shoots the tentacle, causing another tentacle to pick Brandon up. Ethan uses his cloak to lure the tentacle and whiplash them, releasing his friends. After a cry of pain, the tentacles slam down around them.

Entering a battle, they are able to dodge fairly well until Sketch gets hit. Writhing in pain, Sketch uses his sword to slash through a tentacle causing a sharp cry of pain and a rumbling. Suddenly, a gigantic round blue four eyed creature comes out of the ground screaming. Sam comforts the beast, to the confusion of the others. Luckily for them, Sam speaks generic hentai tentacle, explaining that the beast was only looking to burrow into a new home. They lead it to the Jam, where they morph into a mecha and carry the beast to a junkyard to live. After thanking the crew, the beast burrows. Dark lampshades how he didn't think he'd be doing this as a superhero, with Brandon telling him that life NEVER turns out how we think it will.

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