The Tales of Zeus are short conversations in Holy Fighters between Hercules and his father Zeus that appear every time Hercules does his Down Taunt in the "Mount Olympus" stage fighting a single fighter.

With Chinese Gods

Chinese Chang'e

Greeks Hercules: And who is this lady?

Greeks Zeus: That's Chang'e!

Greeks Hercules: She looks pretty! And does she has a rabbit?

Chinese Hou Yi: Yes, it's her Jade Rabbit.

Greeks Hercules: Woah! Where did you came from? 

Chinese Hou Yi: Chang'e can damage gods in a short distance with her dances, can shoot blasts of energy and can make her Jade Rabbit attack too. Oh, and don't you ever talk about my girl like that again!

Chinese Guan Yu

Greeks Hercules: That guy has a nice beard!

Greeks Zeus: Yes! He is Guan Yu, he is a guardian of justice, a hero to the downtrodden, the Saint of War.

Greeks Hercules: I would love to have his beard!

Greeks Zeus: Now son, be careful with his moves, his ability "Warrior's Will" makes him inable to move for a while, then, he lets go and charges forward, damaging any god in his path! And watch out for his horse!

Hercules: Horse?

Chinese Hou Yi

Greeks Zeus: I see you encountered Hou Yi himself! Protector of the Earth and also God of the nine Suns!

Greeks Hercules: If you are talking about this red archer, yeah.

Greeks Zeus: Don't think that just because he uses bows and arrows he can't be a worthy challenger! He can float into the air for a little bit and shoot arrows from the sky, and he makes nine suns fall from the space for his hOLY Attack! Nine Suns! Her wife it's the Faerie of the Moon.

Greeks Hercules: He represent the sun and his wife represents the Moon? What a match!

Chinese Nu Wa

Greeks Hercules: Who is this? 

Greeks Zeus: She is Nu Wa of course! The Guardian of the Sky! 

Greeks Hercules: She doesn't seem to be wearing much...Clothes... 

Greeks Zeus: That's how she rolls. Be careful with, pretty much all his attacks, she can blast you into the sky and slam you into ground, and can buff herself and become really powerful, the more damage she has, more powerful attacks! 

With Egyptian Gods

With Greek Gods

With Hindu Gods

With Mayan Gods


Greeks Hercules: Oh my god! What is that thing! Is it a dragon?

Greeks Zeus: Son, please, don't be so ignorant. He is a feathered serpent and his name it's Kukulkan, the spirit of the nine winds.

Greeks Hercules: Looks like a dragon to me...

Greeks Zeus: He was so important for mayan people, they even made a temple for him in the center of Chichén Itzá, in Yucatán, México. Every year, people from all around the world go to Chichén Itzá to see his shadow going downsraies of the temple.

Greeks Hercules: Any tip for the fight?

Greeks Zeus: Of course! Watch out for his charged wind blasts and don't let his Glory Attack touch you, that could be your end!

With Norse Gods

Norses Loki

Greeks Hercules: Oh god, Loki...

Greeks Zeus: Son, don't low your guard! Loki is fast and really dangerous! He can do more damage if he attacks from behind! 

Norses Loki: And be sure to watch out for my teleport, that will be so funny!

Greeks Zeus:: What are you doing here? I'm calling Odin right now!

Norses Thor

Greeks Zeus:: Look at him...with his little hammer thinking he's so great and all...

Greeks Hercules: Dad?

Greeks Zeus: Oh, yeah! This is Thor as you know, the god of thunder. Not as cool as me but, I guess he's mighty. Be careful with his Sping Attack, can do serious damage. He can throw his hammer and return it back doing double damage.

Greeks Hercules: Oh come on dad! He can't compare to you, you are Zeus!

Greeks Zeus: Aww...Thanks son!

With Roman Gods

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