Holy Fighters
Holy Fighters' Logo
Publisher(s) TeamTiger
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Holy Fight, Story Mode
Genre(s) Fighting
Holy Fighters its a SmashBros-Like fighting game, from TeamTiger where the playable characters are Gods from different patheons all over the world. The current revealed pantheons are: Egyptian, Roman Mayan, Norse, Greek, Chinese and Hindu. The gameplay its pretty much exactly the same, but its a little bit faster. Holy Attacks resemble Final Smashes.


Holy Fight

Being the quick fight mode in the game, do a quick match with your rules between CPUs, friends, yourself, etc. The game also has 8-Player Support!

Story Mode

The game will feauture a Story Mode with a plot involving all pantheons for a big story yet to announce. It will include many bosses such as Cerberus, Medusa, Che Uinic and another creautures.

Path Of The God

Being the"Classic Mode" of the game, here you can choose between various random generated battles until you fight the final boss. You can change the difficulty from zero to nine.

Pantheon Traveler

Being the "All-Stars" of the game, you will conserve your percentage trough the matches, you can heal yourself between matches but you will have only four items to heal yourself, like in All-Stars from Super Smash Brothers. There will be a match for every pantheon, you will travel trough China, Escandinavia, Mesoamerica, Greece, Rome, India, and Egypt fighting all characters in the game.

Hall of Gods

The mode for viewing your obtained trophies of your gods, creautures, places and more. You can see fully 3D trophies and models.

Playable Characters

They are currently 28 characters revealed to be playable in the game.

Character Pantheon Moves Holy Attack
Agni Hindu Rain Fire
Ah Puch Mayans Mictlan Revenge
Anubis Egyptian Death Gaze
Athena Greeks Wisdom
Chaac Mayans Make It Rain
Chang'e Chinese Moon Dance
Cupid Romans Love Bomb
Ek Chua Mayans Bloody Revenge
Geb Egyptian Earth Guardian
Guan Yu Chinese War Horse
Hades Greeks Dark Agony
Hercules Romans Excavate
Hou Yi Chinese Solar Arrow
Isis Egyptian Spirit Ball
Janus Romans Space and Time
Kali Hindu Apocalypse
Kukulkan Mayans Spirit Of The Nine Winds
Loki Noirses Trickster
Mercury Romans Fastet God Alive
Nu Wa Chinese Sky Guardian
Odin Noirses The Allfather
Poseidon Greeks Release The Kraken
Ra Egyptian Solar Beam
Rama Hindu Astral Barrage
Thor Noirses Sound The Horns
Vamana Hindu Giant Fury
Ymir Noirses Shards Of Ice
Zeus Greeks Lighting Storm


Stage Pantheon Hazards
Bifröst Noirses No
Chichen Itzá Mayans Yes
Colosseum Romans No
Jade Mountain Chinese No
Mount Olympus Greeks No
Naraka Hindu Yes
Pharaon's Thomb Egyptian Yes


The Tales Of Zeus

Short conversations between Hercuels and Zeus everytime you use Hercules' Down Taunt in "Mount Olympus". This conversations resemble the Palutena's Guidance.

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