Holly The Witch Chronicles
Holly The Witch Chronicles
Release Date(s)
March 2015
Genre(s) Adventure
Time for a magical adventure!

 Holly The Witch Chronicles is an adventure fanon game created and developed by Zillez Games.As of now,the game is only available on the Wii U,since no release dates have been comfired for the game being released on 3DS.Holly The Witch Chronicles release date is going to be around March 2015.


Broomstick Town is holding its national Spells Funfair Event,where witches all come together to peform casting spells in front of judges every year  and the best witch gets to upgrade the town,plus being added to the legends book and getting awarded with the grand wand.Everybody is setting everything up for the contest,as an evil spirit sneaks into the secruity room and steals all of the magic wands.

Holly The Witch (who is representing the contest) gets sent by Broomstick Town's founder to recover the wands with her pet cat,Chloe.


Story Mode

You are playing as Holly The Witch and need to fight past the evil spirit's minions,collect spell pages and try and regain the magic wands through different levels,plus fighting bosses.


Another player can also play as Chloe and have swiping powers which can scratch villains.


Even though Holly The Witch Chronicles is to be released some time in March 2015,it is still getting less interested feedback than Circus Camp,possibly because Holly The Witch Chronicles is aimed at younger audiences,while Circus Camp on the other hand is targeted for teens and older.Due to Holly The Witch Chronicles getting less feedback than expected,no 3DS releases have been mentioned yet by Zilliez Games.


  • Holly The Witch Chronicles was originally going to be a broom racing game called "Witchy Racing" but that was changed due to unknown reasons.
  • Holly The Witch is the second Wii U game release by Zilliez Games.
  • Holly's name was based on the creators. 

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