Full Name Hoggies
Gender Males
Species Warthogs
Location Mud Creek
Current Status Active
Class Enemies
Grounder's minions
Main Weapon(s) Chicken legs
Ability/ies Belching
First Appearance Skip and Sqak Returns! (2011)
Latest Appearance Skip and Sqak Returns! (2011)
Hoggies are enemy minions who only appear in Skip and Sqak Returns. They are green hill billy warthogs who help Grounder build the Ceterian Factory as well as serving as the minions of Mud Creek. They often have a desire for eating Skip, Sqak, Croco and Tubby.


These ugly swines have a huge hatred towards anything beautiful or natural, and have a crazy love for all gas power and pollution!
Enemedia discription


Noticing SkipEdit

  • "Hoowee! Yummy frog!"
  • "Oh, I see Skip! Over there!"
  • "Woo! Froggy legs!"
  • "Let's teach Skip how'da rumble!"
  • "Some froggy delight!"
  • "Call dibs on his legs!"

Noticing SqakEdit

  • "Catch dat chicken!"
  • "Oh, I see Sqak! Over there!"
  • "Woo! Supper's on!"
  • "Ok, Sqak we're teaching ya how'da rumble!"
  • "Crispy birdy!"

Noticing CrocoEdit

  • "Run away dinner!"
  • "Oh, I see Croco! Over there!
  • "Hoowee!"
  • "Dis is how we rumble, Croc!"
  • "Roast salamander! Yummy!"
  • "Well sonuva hog, crispy crocodile!"

Noticing TubbyEdit

  • "Wild boar at 12:00!"
  • "Oh, I see Tubby! Over there!"
  • "Squeel!"
  • "Let's barbeque dat sour hippo!"
  • "BBQ Hippo!"
  • "Wohow! Some supper delight!"

When killedEdit

  • "Oh tarnation!"
  • "Uncool!"
  • "Dang it!"
  • "I never used a toilet..!"
  • "Owee!"
  • "I'll rise again!"
  • "Dat sonuva..."
  • "Boy he's a fast one!"
  • "Ow, my nose!"
  • "You broke my face!"