Hockey Dreams is a sports game for the PS3 being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It takes the game of hockey and allows the player to be more flexible in building a successful franchise. Users may post their own created team in the User Submitted Teams section, which will become the default teams in the game. Users may submit up to 3 teams.

Gameplay & Controls

You play the game of ice hockey with your own unique team, gear, and arena, so as long as you pertain close enough to the boundaries. You may choose to wear the standard hockey jersey and normal hockey gear, or you may create an entirely different outfit altogether. You may also slightly edit your gear.

  • L - Move Skater
  • R - Check/Make Saves/Deke
  • R Up - Shoot/Poke Check
  • R1 - Poke Check
  • R3 - Hip Check
  • L2 - Butterfly Style

User Submitted Teams

P.H.K. Dubstep Eskimos (Lemmy's 1st)


Black, fuzzy coat. Red, black, and teal tuque.


Sticks with the same colors as their headwear. The sticks are edited so that whenever they take a shot, a dubstep sound will be made. It also has a switch that can change the power of your shot, so that it will ether be an extremely hard shot, or perhaps just a pass. Their skates have orange, purple, cyan, and red lights on them and will leave a trail of light wherever they skate.


The Dubstep Eskimos play in the MP3 Emporium Place with a capacity of 8,000. Throughout the whole course of the game, mainstream dubstep music will play. Whenever the Dubstep Eskimos score, more intense dubstep will play.


The goalie wears very high-tech goalie gear. The mesh in his glove results in no pucks bouncing out. The special pads make dubstep music when you slide across the crease. The blocker is much bigger and heavier than usual. His helmet is black and has teal lightning striking around it. If the goalie bites down on a special area of the helmet, the arena will darken and a giant, holographic, green demon will spring up from behind the goalie, but it's just for intimidation.

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