Hoadrens are the main enemies of the Catchers series, and the objective of the game is to kill them. They are composed of many variations, and are rule by the King of Hoadrens. When killed, they return to their realm from which they entered the Earth. They are stunned with Yellow Energy, hurt greatly by Red Energy and healed with Green Energy, among other reactions.


  • Hoadren Grunt
  • Hoadren Scout
  • Hoadren Soldier
  • Hoadren Heavy
  • Hoadren Cleric
  • Hoadren Pilot
  • Hoadren Wizard
  • Hoadren General
  • Hoadren Thief
  • Hoadren Prince



Hoadrens debut in Catchers as the main enemies in the game. They must be stunned with Yellow Energy so they can be killed, which is easier with Red Energy. The reason they are killed is because if over 1000 Hoadrens enter the Earthly realm, the King of Hoadrens will be freed from the Hoadren Realm and allowed to roam freely. At the end, Rich kills their leader, causing all Hoadrens to collapse.

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