The Hito are a sect of Humans living on the Shiver Star. The Hito are amazing tacticians, leaders, and organizers. They have brought social harmony to the Human Alliance, and have allowed the other two major families to work to their full potential. They made their first appearance, along with their brethren, in Kirby: Onslaught.



The first records of Hito existence can date back as far as thirty years after the Great Disaster - the exact same time the Himmelmensch can be dated. Along with their aforementioned relatives, the Hito formed the Human Alliance and moved underground in order to survive the adverse conditions set before them. They were at the forefront of all operations, giving commands and organizing projects.

The "Gor'kiy Wars"

Although the Himmelmensch and their weapons were virtually ineffective against the Gor'kiy, one Hito could effectivel fight two with enough work. This is due to their powerful psychic ability, which allowed them to fend off the otherwise unstoppable warriors. The stronger psychics could even shoot massive telekinetic blasts that could take down several Gor'kiy with ease. However, finding a Hito that was willing to fight was quite rare since they have a strong desire for peace. However, many Hito joined in on the final battle with the Gor'kiy, successfully defending their city.

The Demonic Onslaught

Now having the aforementioned warriors as part of their nation, Hito leaders were able to plan the most effective and devastating attacks. This allowed the Humans to stand against a much more technologically advanced and numerous race. It is also notable that a Hito councilman and psychic, Hiraku, was able to use his powerful ability to see the future to predict Kirby and friends arrival, and thus get support, or support them, whichever it is.


While even the Himmelmensch and Gor'kiy have some overlaps in culture, the culture of the Hito is incredibly unique. Spirituality and peace are a centerpiece of Hito society, which thus leads them to mainly be councilmen. Hito dress is also very exotic, and not suited to living in the cold. Even their food is very different from the other two factions, but nevertheless is very popular amongst everyone. Not much is known about the personal lives of the Hito, since they seem to always remain in the dark, operating deep inside the woodwork. The Hito, like all other Human sects, have a unique accent.


The Hito are the most intelligent of any Human sect, with average IQs ranging from 200-450. They also possess a very strong psychic ability, which they can specialize in many ways.

Important Hito

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