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#106 Hitmonlee
Hitmonlee's artwork for Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green.
Category Kicking Pokémon
Original Region Kanto
National Dex Nr. #106
Kanto Dex Nr. #106
Johto #146
Hoenn #274
Generation 1
Pokémon Color Brown
First Appearance Pokémon Red and Blue
Latest Appearance Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Type(s) Fighting
Ability/ies Limber, Reckless
(Hidden: Unburden)
Average Height 4'11"
Average Weight 109.8 lbs.
Evolves From Tyrogue
Evolves Into N/A

Hitmonlee (Japanese: サワムラー Sawamular) is a Fighting-type Pokémon.

It evolves from Tyrogue starting at level 20 when Tyrogue's Attack is higher than its Defense. It is one of Tyrogue's final forms, the others being Hitmonchan and Hitmontop.


Hitmonlee is a humanoid Pokémon with an ovoid body. Lacking a distinct neck and head, its upper torso has almond-shaped eyes with black rings around them and appears to lack a nose and mouth. Primarily brown, it has cream-colored, segmented arms and legs, with three fingers and three clawed toes respectively. The soles of its feet and its ankles have circular, yellow markings. It is an exclusively male species with no female counterpart.

Hitmonlee's legs freely contract and stretch similar to a coiled spring. This flexibility allows Hitmonlee to run with lengthy strides and gives it greater reach for its kicks. Its excellent sense of balance enables it to kick in succession from any position. After battling, it rubs down its legs to relax the tight muscles. Rare in the wild, it is primarily found in urban areas.


  • Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are the only Pokémon not previously related through an evolution family that later gained a shared pre-evolution.
  • Hitmonlee has had more signature moves than any other Pokémon, with four: Mega Kick, Jump Kick, High Jump Kick, and Rolling Kick.
  • Hitmonlee is the only Pokémon with a base Speed of 87.


Hitmonlee may be a personification of taekwondo, a sport that focuses on kick attacks. Due to its lack of a head, Hitmonlee bears resemblance to the mythical headless men and the Hindu demon Kabandha. Based on its Japanese name and kicking attribute, Hitmonlee may also represent Japanese kickboxer Tadashi Sawamura. From the Japanese names of its Abilities—Flexible, Life-Risking and Acrobatics—Hitmonlee may also be based on an acrobat.

Name origin

Hitmonlee is a combination of hit, monster, and Lee (a reference to Bruce Lee). The name is also related to Hitmonchan and Hitmontop, both of which are parallel evolutions to it as of Generation II.

Sawamular is derived from Tadashi Sawamura, a famous kickboxer.


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense




National Pokédex
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