Evelyn, your father knows that his past mistakes are enough to condemn him. We all have something we want to undo, but Inversim is one of the few truly attempting to reverse his actions. He wants the love of his life back. He wants his old reality back. He wants you back, Evelyn.

Current Age 42 (Human)/ 31.5 (Draconid)
Gender Female
Species Draconid
Main Weapon(s) Katana
Ability/ies Wyvern transformation

Extreme skill with a sword

Hiryo is a character developed by Pyro Enterprises. She acts as a major antagonist alongside Inversim, and is the villain's second-in-command.


Hiryo is a stern, dedicated swordfighter, known for her lethality; it is said that before joining Inversim's quest to attain the Eternity Artifacts, she acted as an assassin for hire, honing her skills and slaughtering anyone in her way.

Upon meeting Inversim, however, her personality changed. She became extremely infatuated with him, determined to do whatever she could to get the human to love her the way she loved him. Around her love, she becomes more open-hearted and motherly, her loyalty lacking any boundaries.


Hiryo first met Inversim during the latter's search for one of the Eternity Artifacts on her homeworld of Draconia, the Eternity Mask. As he had destroyed millions in his attempts at collecting his pre-obtained Eternity Cloak and Gauntlet, the Draconian government hired her as a guardian for the Mask, preventing it from falling into his hands.

When Inversim arrived at the temple containing the Eternity Mask, she swiftly battled and captured him. Defeated, Inversim pleaded with the Draconid, describing his plight and his need to acquire all of the Eternity Artifacts. Something sparked within Hiryo's heart, and she fell in love with the tortured soul, not only letting him free, but vowing to do anything she could to assist him.

Hiryo is Inversim's second-in-command, controlling the most powerful weapons the villain has at his disposal. She also acts as a surrogate mother to her subordinate Dyana, with some of her and Inversim's cells used alongside Mist DNA to create her.


Hiryo possesses incredible skill with a blade, and is noted as one of the greatest swordfighters in all of the Pyroverse. As her unique body structure grants her techniques most other races cannot pull off, she has effectively crafted her own style of swordplay. She also possesses limited hydrokinesis.

Just like all Draconids, Hiryo can transform from her naga-like humanoid form into a winged serpent referred to as her wyvern form. Wyvern Hiryo loses her sword and ability to directly manipulate water, but can instead spew pressurized blasts of water from her mouth, as well as less concentrated beams of energy.


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  • Hiryo is Japanese for wyvern, referring to the swordfighter wyvern combat form.