Hiroshi's Plane Patrol is a 3DS game released by RenarioExtreme INC.. This is also the first RenarioExtreme series game not to feature Renan as the main protagonist nor he appears in this game anyway.


One day, Hiroshi was repairing his broken plane until he finds out that one of Dr. Mewtwo's minions, Destruction the Hydreigon, has sent an evil clown named Goth Mime, a Mr. Mime to kidnap some Pokemon and turn it into the "most saddest show in the world". Meanwhile, Goth Mime has also kidnapped Vanessa the Vulpix, Roxy's abandoned sister because of her kind heart, and make her one of his slaves. So, Hiroshi sets out of an adventure to save the Pokemon from Goth Mime's Wrath.


Coming soon....


  • This game is so far the only game to:
  1. Not feature Renan as the main protagonist, but Hiroshi taking place.
  2. Feature Goth Mime and circuses.
  3. One of the Seven Destructive Rulers only appearing in one game.

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