200px-Hinawa Clay
Full Name Hinawa
Current Age Around 35
Gender Female
Location Tazmily Village
Family and Relations
Claus's and Lucas's mother, also FLints wife.

Hinawa (ヒナワ) is a character in Mother 3. She is the mother of Claus and Lucas, two other boys from Tazmily Village. In many cases, Hinawa is unique in that she is involved in the plot much more deeply than the mothers of past protagonists in the Mother series. During the events of Mother 3, Hinawa is fatally wounded by the Mecha-Drago, a Drago experimented on by the Pigmask Army, and succumbs to her wounds soon afterward. This also leads to Flint's distress and causing him to lash out at Abbot, Ollie, Tessie, and almost Bronson before he was restrained and thrown in Tazmily prison. She subsequently makes an appearance during the sixth chapter of the game as a spirit. Her spirit also makes an appearance during the Final Boss fight.