The Himmelmensch, Die Himmelmenschen (literally The Sky Men) in their native tongue, are a strain of Humans living on the Shiver Star with a love for machinery. They were, and are, able to survive the adverse climate by living underground. Making their debut in Kirby: Onslaught, they have the huge responsibility of maintaining the machines which keep the Humans alive.



The Himmelmensch Family was one of the sects that originally founded the Human Alliance in order to better survive. The first documents of the Human Alliance date back as far as a mere thirty years after the Great Disaster, meaning they are one of the oldest strains of Humans.

The "Gor'kiy Wars"

Being the first documented war in centuries, the Himmelmensch were forced to recreate ancient weapons which they had not built in, obviously, centuries. Although the weapons had little effect agains their foes, this revival of munitions engineering would allow the Himmelmensch to create more advanced and effective weapons in the future.

The Demonic Onslaught

Having allowed the Gor'kiy into the Human Alliance, the Himmelmensch were now able to build and manage machines at a much faster rate, and thus had more time to innovate and invent. Thus technological progress exploded, and just in time. By the time the Demons arrived to claim the Shiver Star as their own, the Himmelmensch had developed machines capable of backing up their powerful soldiers, while at the same time making Himmelmensch worthy fighters themselves. A particular Himmelmensch, Wilhelm, known widely for his prowess in engineering, became possessed by the Demons' leader, Mind Matter, and leads Humanity's newfound allie into a trap. He was cleansed of the evil force, thus ending the war with the Demons.


Himmelmensch culture is a fossil by Human standards. Alot of their expressions, music, and beliefs can be dated back just prior to the Great Disaster. Not only their culture is old. The genetics of any given Himmelmensch are almost exactly identical to a pre-Great Disaster Human. Obviously, they love machines. Every single member of the Himmelmensch Family is destined to become a Pilot or Driver, with the former being the most popular choice, and form there can become an Engineer. Engineers are the most revered members of the Himmelmensch society, and thus can gain much influence in politics. Himmelmensch food is largely synthesized, but among the best in Human society. Like other Human clans, the Himmelmensch speak with a unique accent.


The Himmelmensch have no special abilities, like the strength the Gor'kiy possess or the psychic ability of the Hito. However, they have a natural understanding of machines and technology, which is undoubtfully just as important as the abilities of either of the two other important clans. Himmelmensch pilots, however, have the uncanny ability to maintain consciousness in the most adverse aerial conditions.

Important Himmelmensch

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