Hillside Meadow
Function First world
Terrain Grassy hills
Scenery Trees, shrubbery, flowers
Character(s) Lisa
Estimated Level 12 (entry)
20 (exit)
Previous Central Core
Next Industrial Park
Giant Wasp (Midboss)

Terratroll (Boss)
Shadow Chris (Programmer Boss)
Terrestrial Lobster (Post-Game)

Hillside Meadow is the first true world in Naahvelicon, the virtual world in which MainFrame occurs. It is a grassy expanse with hills rolling off in all directions, and tall mountains visible in the far distance. There is a lot of shrubbery and flowers, but trees are somewhat uncommon in this zone. The enemies here generally fall under the plant and insect categories. A village lying a little ways to the north is the safe location within this zone.

Zelix and Beth enter this world after first meeting up inside the Central Core. They first travel to the village, where Beth gets into an argument with a store clerk for trying to overcharge them. In her fit of rage, she damages and house, after which the duo are forced to flee for the time being. As Zelix comments on how impressive the AI is, they are ambushed by the Giant Wasp, when Lisa suddenly appears to help them fight it off.

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