Hilfian/Sky Swing
Hilfian cover
Release Date(s)
December 25, 2011
Genre Electronic music, ambient music, psychedelic
Track Length "Hilfian" - 4:51
"Sky Swing" - 2:30
"Hilfian (Extended Mix)" - "6:50"
"Swimming in the Lake" - 3:51
"Different Winters - 1:33"

Hilfian/Sky Swing is the third single for Different Summers. It contains the album tracks "Hilfian" and "Sky Swing," as well as several b-sides. It was released in two parts, the "Hilfian" side and the "Sky Swing" side.


The first track of each part is taken from "Different Summers." "Hilfian" is based primarily around a loop of Spark01 (tbc)'s drumming, and guest vocals from JesseRoo (tbc). Cobweb has a brief speaking part, but his voice is nearly inaudible and buried in the mix. "Sky Swing" features use of a vocoder, and background vocals from YoshiEgg (tbc).
"Swimming in the Lake" is an acapella version of "Hilfian." "Hilfian (Extended Mix)" was the original, unused version of Hilfian. It contains several minutes of what was deemed rather boring and unnecessary ambient noise before Spark's drums come in.
"Different Winters" is the only completely new track here; it is mostly instrumental, containing a sample of Cobweb singing a line that was supposed to be in "Different Summers," but was cut. It is not, however, a remix or alternate version of "Different Summers," and instead is intended to be its counterpart of sorts.

Track listing

Part I

  1. Hilfian
  2. Hilfian (Extended Mix)
  3. Swimming in the Lake

Part II

  1. Sky Swing
  2. Different Winters


It can be listened to here.

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