Hikaru (Exo Force)
Exo-Force Pilot
Full Name Hikaru
Gender Male
Location Sentai Mountain
Current Status Alive
Class 13
Main Weapon(s) His Mech
First Appearance Exo-Force(LEGO toy line)
Latest Appearance Exo Force (2011 video game)

Hikaru's LEGO form, which appeared in LEGO sets

Hikaru is a Exo-Force Pilot that first appeared on Exo-Force LEGO sets. He is the pilot of the following mechs: Stealth Hunter, Silent Strike, Sky Guardian, Chameleon Hunter and the combiner model Blazing Hunter. Once, when he piloted his Stealth Hunter, he risked himself to rescue a human engineer from the robots, and thus doing so, disobeying Keiken's orders. But when he returned with the engineer, he was awarded Silent Strike.

Early life

Hikaru worked on a robot ranch before the first rebellion. It was his job to ride, test, and to transport machines, then fine-tune them. he became an expert in handling robots and he also had other capabilities, and excellent skills for an Exo-Force pilot to have.


Hikaru is serious, silent, and wants to win. He prefers to work solo, but has learned to count on his teammates. He is a natural tactician and commander, though he can seem cold or overly logical at times. Hikaru is an incredible marksman and highly skilled at aerial combat.

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