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High Preacher Zavendol
Zavendol, a Benefactor preaching his vision of truth.
Full Name Zavendol
Gender Male
Location The Hive
Current Status Dead
Class High Preacher
First Appearance Thorn: Hollow Victories (first official appearance)

High Preacher Zavendol is a Benefactor introduced in Thorn: Hollow Victories as the main antagonist of the story. Zavendol is a member of the Benefactor High Council, and a zealous scientist willing to manipulate others and hurt the innocent if it means succeeding in his plans to obtain immortality.


Zavendol was a scientific prodigy instated into the Benefactor High Council after the former High Surgeon passed away from old age. Choosing to take on a new title for symbolic reasons, the new High Preacher used his political sway to fund twisted experiments upon Sirens, originally in hopes of curing his daughter Botazel's fatal illness. After Botazel's death, Zavendol pushed on, coming up with excuse after excuse until Rose's failed coup gave him the high ground to bargain with.


Thorn: Hollow Victories

Putting his plans into motion, Zavendol managed to convince the council to give him jurisdiction over Rose, giving her heavy modifications and sending her to hunt down Thorn with help from Forget-Me-Not. Managing to put long-time opponent High Warlord Drev under his control, things seemed to be playing out well for him until Rose and Thorn joined forces.

Trying to regain control, Zavendol ultimately revealed his agenda to the Council and held them hostage as he attempted to escape the burning Hive. Thorn and Rose managed to use his own serum against him, first to reach the Council chambers and again to seal him in. Although he almost killed Rose with neurotoxin implanted in her body, Zavendol died and Rose was saved, his plan halted entirely.



Seems to consider her below him, although he also pushes to capture her, suggesting he just doesn't want to admit she could stop him.


Zavendol repeatedly seems to care little about Rose, noting she eithers succeeds in her mission or dies trying anyways. Once she becomes an active threat to him, he responds as he usually does to his enemies; panic and impulsive decisions.


Ultimately considers Forget-Me-Not to be another stepping stone, welcoming her admiration of him and using it to manipulate her.

High Warlord Drev

Drev is the one presence Zavendol fears most, seeing as the two are some of the most prominent Council members. Zavendol knows Drev is onto him most of the time, and when luck allows him to make Drev another pawn, he relishes in taunting him.



  • Zavendol and Drev were originally one character, until they were divided into a schemer and a fighter, respectively.