High Max

High Max is a villain in Megaman X6. He also appears in Ultra Quest as a boss fought twice. He was created by Gate to destroy X, but was killed by him.

Stage 4: Weapons Center:

High Max appears as the fourth boss. He will start the fight by analysing your attacks. Then, he will send a large ball of electricity at you that must be dodged. After half of his health is down, he will generate a huge ball of fire in his hands and throw it. Hit him 6 times and he flies away.

Stage 9: Flying Fortress:

High Max appears as High Max MK 2, but this time, He has help from Low Max. First you must attack Low Max. Then, High Max will attack you in his Ridemax Megazord. You have to hit the head about 4 times. He will also fire missiles, drop bombs, and shoot at you with his Mega Blaster X1. After you do that, He loses some parts of his suit. Take his weapon and attack the head about five times.

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