High Above Them is a sci-fi action 2D animated show created by Unversed Entertainment as part of the Jamverse. In the year 20XX, Earth is a wasteland and humans have taken to space. The series follows the crew of the High Flyer and their many adventures. Reception is TBA.


In the far future, Earth is but a wasteland. Humans have taken to the sky, with some settling on the planet nicknamed Someplace. A few dare to explore beyond, the Flyers. Captain Drake Dark is one of these, who flies a ship known as the High Flyer. Alongside his friends, he journeys space, discovering great evils and many secrets...


The Crew

  • Captain Drake Dark: A laid back former music critic disillusioned with Someplace life. With a love for adventure and a sociable attitude, he bought the High Flyer and assembled a crew. He's known for his short temper.
  • Brandon Warburn: A bright young engineer, the youngest of the crew. He's dry and sarcastic, taking jokes to an almost mean level, but he does have a soft spot for his closest friends.
  • Ethan Crimsonian: A young man with very low self esteem, he found that he had a natural talent for flying, and is the High Flyer's pilot.
  • Sam Ziegan: Ethan's best friend, Sam tries to keep Ethan and the rest of the crew up, always snapping them out of sadness or troubles. Sam dislikes violence, but is very good with guns and weapons.
  • Ella Sketch: An odd young lady with her head in the clouds, she's an artist who is exploring for inspiration. There is more to her than meets the eye...






There has been one 12 episode long season.

No. in
No. in
Title Info Author
001 001 Five of a Kind Disillusioned with life on the boring planet of Someplace, Drake Dark buys an old ship and begins to assemble an oddball crew. Sr.Wario
002 002 Crescendo The High Flyer picks up on a frequency coming from a small moon. The crew all hear beautiful music, but the moon is much more than that... Sr.Wario
003 003 The Ace Job Realizing that they are broke, the crew stops on rogue planet Ecohni. There they learn that there is a high stakes ship race, and Ethan must step up to the plate. Sr.Wario
004 004 A Wrench in the Plans A mysterious airship picks up the High Flyer, and all of the crew is kidnapped except for Brandon, who is offered a place on the engineering team. Taking it up, Brandon must find a way to rescue his friends. Sr.Wario
005 005 Sam-San The ship docks at the peaceful moon of Nekone. Sam finds himself in love with the planet and decides to stay, but he might have to forsake what he wants and believes in a dangerous situation. Sr.Wario
006 006 Rough Sketch Looking for supplies on the icy planet of Cryro, the team finds themselves isolated. One by one, they are all hunted by a mysterious foe, and find that Ella has disappeared. Mid-season finale. Sr.Wario
007 007 Still Flying Depressed with the disappearance of Ella, the crew wallows in sadness in their respective rooms. Drake takes it upon himself to re-vitalize his crew. Sr.Wario
008 008 Definitely Weaponized, Highly Destructive The team discovers Ella, and their perception of her and their world is radically altered. Sr.Wario
009 009 TBA TBA CSketch
010 010 The Bandit A mercenary for hire is given the job of taking down the High Flyer, but there's more to him than meets the eye. Sr.Wario
011 011 Jamming The crew and their ship accidentally goes crashing through an interdimensional portal, and on the other side they crashland near a peculiar cafe, where they find people very similar to themselves.  SuperSonicDarkness
012 012 In the End In a high stakes final battle, the crew of the High Flyer must each use their strengths to make it out alive and victorious. Sr.Wario

Character Themes










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