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Full Name Hexa
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Location Huxxabu
Current Status Alive
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
Hexa is a former member of the Cor Guarid Squadron, an elite team meant to wipe out the evil from Huxxabu. She works primarily with Trip, a boy she seems to have a past with if his only belonging means anything.




The Great Cor Guarid Team

Trip signs up for the Cor Gaurid Team, where he suffers through many grueling qualifications. He manages to get in, just barely meeting the standards. He meets up with the witch girl, who introduces herself as Hexa. He is then introduced to the rest of his team mates:

  • A gearheaded boy wielding an awesome powersuit and capable of building tanks within seconds named Techmo,
  • A mute, wind-wielding warrior who loves her kites named Whisper,
  • An overly-vain drama queen with an obsession with mirrors named Gemini,
  • A grave-robbing weirdo who loves to collect bones named X,
  • A otherwise boulder-headed moron with a vast knowledge on rocks (with a taste for granite) named Slate,
  • An adorable gardening girl who adores her plants more than her own life named Flora,
  • A frosty yet tender-hearted sailor who prefers the ocean to land any day named Captain Frosty,
  • And a teenaged blacksmith's apprentice with red-hot weapons named Jason.

The team takes on many missions against the "Evil from the Outlands", one of the members being Gemini's twin sister who Gemini ends up killing (and spends days from recovering). During this, Trip attempts to get Hexa to find her locket, but she constantly forgets about it or has other duties to tend to. Then one day, everything changed.

The Shadow Throne

The headmaster of the Cor Gaurid Squadron is a old man named Tisir, who seemingly seems to ignore everything Trip says. As Trip begins to cast his doubts on whether the "Evil from the Outlands" truly is evil, Tisir manages to find the location of their leader, "the holder of the shadow throne".

They hack and slash their way through the Outlands, where they come across the Shadow Throne. After a grueling fight that leaves just Trip and Hexa, the two manage to defeat him. As he lies in a pool of his own blood, he reveals that he is Tisir's brother and that the throne of Huxxabu, which Tisir has been controlling from the shadows, was meant to be his. He was unfairly outcasted, and over time, more people joined him in the Outlands, where he began to build up a rebel group.

He begs for mercy, in which Trip and Hexa both give him. The two head back to the Cor Gaurid Tower with the rest of the squadron.

The Truth

Tisir meets the two at the gates of the tower, where he tells them that he knows that they know. He reveals two blades of light under his cloak, which he has named "Viper" and "Hornet". The two battled Tisir, but they are knocked off the bridge of the tower and land in the water. Trip rescues Hexa, and they find her locket. In her picture, it seems mostly the same, except there is a lack of a Trip.

Puzzled by what this means, Hexa and Trip are interrupted by Slate, who asks what Hexa is doing by herself. Suddenly, Trip realizes he never existed. He has been in the imagination of Hexa, and was a old imaginary friend she left behind in her childhood. Although the two do not understand why he exists all the sudden, it is apparent now that Trip does not exist. Trip begs for Hexa to hold onto her belief in him, but Hexa says she can only do it for so long before accepting it.

The two (and Slate) make their way up to the tower where they defeat Tisir.


As Tisir collapses, Trip wonders what will happen to him now. Hexa says that she doesn't know. The two say goodbye and Trip wanders off into the world, alone but now he knows who he is. For the last hours of his existence, he visits the victims of the Cor Gaurid squadron and apologizes. The last minutes of his existence were spent on a hill of roses, where he watched the sun go down and body fade.



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