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Hex Classes are specific vocations taken up by Hex Battlers in the fan stategy game Hex Splice.

Hex Knight

  • Provails in high combat skills
  • Balanced strength, speed, and stamina
  • Monsters are mixture of either birds, land mammals, and tree animals
  • Wepons are either swords, sheilds, of guns

Hex Healer

  • Provails in healing and medicine
  • High stamina, but average speed and strength
  • Monsters are mixture of either land mammal, reptile, or amphibians
  • Wepons are either guns, staff, or bommerang

Hex Assassin

  • Provails in stealth and agility
  • High speed, but average strength and stamina
  • Monsters are mixture of either flying mammals, arachnids, or birds of prey
  • Wepons are either guns, ring blades, or crossbows

Hex Destroyer

  • Provails in high strength and power
  • Extremly high strength and speed, but average stamina
  • Monsters are either reptiles, land mammals, or sharks
  • Wepons are either guns, axes, or swords

(Note: Hex Destroyer is the most dangerous Hex Class)

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