Heth by inferno.
Full Name Heth
Current Age 16
Date of Birth November 4th
Gender Male
Species Novian
Location Zaxen
Main Weapon(s) N/A
Voice Actor(s)
Dan Gow
Heth, also known as the Boxing Warrior, is a wrestler novian born from the wastelands of Sky City, and has lived a poor life, obtaining money by beating up others in wrestling.  Heth debuted in Brawl of the Fandraxonians as a training character.

Canon Appearances


Heth is a rather lanky light brown colored Novian with long wings that taste like chocolate but break the teeth of those who bite them. He has relatively few clothing on, wearing only red pants with broken pant legs and many holes and red boxing gloves, alongside white wrappings around his chest. Heth looks somewhat muscular on every part of his body except his face almost obviously.  He wears a headband to signify his strength, and his chest has the insignia of Nightlight engraved onto it.  It is said that instead of blood, caramel runs through Heth's veins.


Heth was born a man from the streets, having nothing to do but pick up trash for others that were too lazy to pick up their own trash.  He was born abnormally as a novian, having unusual strength packed into his muscles.  It is said that his little clothing is due to his lack of money and supplies to get more.

Heth started training to become stronger when he became eight, training his muscles, fighting crime on the streets, helping children safely cross roads, and saving anyone from murderers and that kind of thing whenever he has the chance to do so.  It's often said that he was once intended to be a deity by his good deeds, but he never made it.

At the age of thirteen, almost as soon as he became a teenager, his mother and father died of both exhaustion and starvation.  Heth would have met the same fate if it weren't for the fact that his parents were attempting to feed him more than they were trying to feed themselves.  This fate struck Heth very hard and it made him very scared about certain things and it made moving around places somewhat difficult.

Heth is also a powerful man who picked up exercising as a large hobby.  No matter how much food he has eaten for the day, Heth will walk for a strict three miles, then do fifty push ups and fifty pull ups, and lift many weights.  This encouragement and power in exercising allowed him to become so strong that he can break down iron walls.

Even to this day, Heth still picks up trash, as no one has really hired him for anything or given him any place to stay.  He often tries to help people get alone.


Heth is incredibly strong. He can jab people and knock them down to the ground in a matter of seconds. Heth is capable of surviving poisons and can drink them without worrying, due to his hard body structure. He can run rather quickly too, making for a...lightweight powerhouse.

Heth also knows every rule of boxing and can thus participate in almost any kind of boxing.  This can prove to be very useful.


Heth is friendly, caring, and loving of others, and will always defend them even in the worst of situations.  He's rather trustworthy and will never one secret out, no matter who asks him to keep such secrets.  He is rather manipulative so he can be taken over easily by emotions and when angry he can be dangerous to be around, perhaps even to an extent that he might hurt his own friends physically.  He always makes up for that in the end though.

Relationships with Other Characters



  • The art was created by Shadow Inferno.
  • Heth was named after the Heath candy brand.

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