Hetalia Beautiful World: Axis Powers' Country Competition!! is a party game for the Wii U released June 21st, 2013, which was also the end of Hetalia: Beautiful World, but not the end of Hetalia itself.


These are the playable characters. They are playable in every mode, even in Watch Hetalia, where they provide commentary. Watch Hetalia is the only mode where playing as them is optional.

Country Avalability
Italy Unlocked
Germany Unlocked
Japan Unlocked
America Unlocked
England Unlocked
France Unlocked
Russia Unlocked
China Unlocked
Child Italy Unlocked
Canada Unlocked
Austria Locked
Belgium Locked
Liechtenstein Locked
Netherlands Locked
Switzerland Locked
Denmark Locked
Norway Locked
Sweden Locked
Finalnd Locked
Iceland Locked
Belarus Locked
Bulgaria Locked
Estonia Locked
Hungary Locked
Latvia Locked
Lithuania Locked
Poland Locked
Romania Locked
Ukraine Locked
Cyprus Locked
Greece Locked
Romano (Southern Italy) Locked
Spain Locked
Turkey Locked
Hong Kong Locked
Taiwan Locked
India Locked
Egypt Locked
Seychelles Locked
Cuba Locked
Australia Locked
New Zealand Locked
Sealand Locked
Seborga Locked
Wy Locked
Holy Roman Empire Locked
Picardy Locked
Prussia Locked

Other Characters:

Osaka (Guide in the tutorial.)

Narrator (Provides commentary in minigames.)


  • Competition Mode (You compete in sets of minigames.)
  • Minigame Mode (You play minigames for fun. However, there are no Boss minigames in this (except one.))
  • Duo Competition Mode (You compete in sets of two-player minigames.)
  • Duo Minigame Mode (You play two-player minigames for fun.)
  • One-Man Minigame Mode (You play in minigames which require only one person for fun.)
  • Puzzle Mode (You play a game very similar to Tetris, only the blocks have the countries' heads and there are two new blocks, C, which is like the I, except the end blocks are above the others, attached only diagonally, and the . Block, which is just one block. Also, if all the same blocks are in one row, it clears the entire screen with an explosion. Italy=I, Germany=Z, Japan=S, America=T, Britain=J, France=L, Russia=C, Canada=..)
  • Duo Puzzle Mode (You compete against someone in the Tetris-like puzzle mode. the first to fill the screen loses.)
  • Wi-Fi Competition Mode (You compete in sets of minigames online.)
  • Wi-Fi Minigame Mode (You play minigames online for fun.)
  • Wi-Fi Puzzle Mode (With another person playing against you, you two play the Tetris-like puzzle game. The first to fill up their screen loses.)
  • Watch Hetalia (Watch any episode of Hetalia up to Beautiful World. Unlocked when the game is beaten.)


These are the minigames. If they end in a draw, they do a 2/3 match of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Minigame Description
Italy Minigames
Spagetti Shooters At an Italian resteraunt, you must fire spagetti to certain tables with your cannon.
Boot Sumo

With high-heels on your hands, you must push your opponents out of the ring.

Italy's Bubbly Auto-Scroll Platfroming Level The title explains it all, except that the first to get to the flagpole or not die wins.
BOSS: Box of Tomatoes Before the enemy side's commander comes in, you must press the right button combo to keep yourself from paicking.
Italy Duo Minigames
Piggy-Back Title Screen You and your partner must avoid the moving title screen, while one is piggybacking on the other, greatly decreasing speed. The partners can switch at anytime.
Grenade in Your Mouth One partner has the explosive part of a grenade in their mouth, and their on a raft on a river leading to a waterfall. The other partner must try to get the grenade out by swimming towards them, taking the grenade out, throwing it, and swimming back with their partner before the waterfall comes. If they fail to do this, the grenade will explode and the raft will go down the waterfall.
Joy Ride One partner is driving the car, the other is screaming. There's are meters, a speed meter and a scream meter, and if the scream meter is higher then the speed meter, the scremaer will pass out. If the scream meter is too low, the screamer will get bored and fall asleep. The first to get to the finish line without the other being K.O.ed or asleep wins, but the faster you go, the faster they have to shake, making it harder.
BOSS: White Flag You and your partner must shake the white flag, which is as big as a country's flag, so the bombers know not to bomb you. But as time goes by, you both have to shake harder, and you must shake at around the same speed.
Germany Minigames
Run, Run, RUN! You must run in a straight line faster than the others, by either swinging the Wii Remote right, or swiping your stylus right on the gamepad.The first to the finish line wins.
Sniper You must shoot at the target. The closest to the middle wins.
Beer You must drink a barrell of beer. However, you can't drink it all at once, or you'll get drunk! The first to drink it all but not get drunk wins.
BOSS: Cuckoo Clock There's a giant France cuckoo clock watching you make cuckoo clocks. You must sneak a grenade in and give it to it without it knowing. The first to do this wins.
Germany Duo Minigames
Duo Sack Race You and a partner are in a sack, and you must hop to the end
Giant Sausage you and your partner must balance on a giant sausage, with swiss cheese on the bottom, making it like a seesaw.
Big Tanks You and your partner are in tanks, and must take out the tanks of your enemies. However, there is no difference between anyone's tanks, so it is easy to take out your partner.
BOSS: Nukes Nukes are landing on the ground, and you and your partner must avoid the blasts.
More coming soon!