Heroman the Greatest (stylized as HEROMAN 最大) is an open world beat em' up created by PabloDePablo (tbc) and CrunchyTommy (tbc). It draws heavy inspiration from tokusatsu such as Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and Godzilla, being a tongue-in-cheek parody of the genre.


Heroman the Greatest is an open world beat em' up game inspired heavily by tokusatsu. The player controls an unnamed stunt double in a Heroman suit, fighting crime and performing helpful mundane tasks like pizza delivery or trash cleanup. By helping citizens out, Heroman gains Reputation Points, allowing him to upgrade his arsenal. Players start off with only basic martial arts and smoke bombs, but can purchase weapons, vehicles, and new attacks as they progress.



With crime running rampant in Tokyo, a stunt double for the long-running tokusatstu show Heroman decides to suit up and become a real-life hero for justice! He must embark on a quest to protect the citizens of Tokyo and find the root of the mysterious increase in criminal behavior!

Full StoryEdit

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Name Description Difficulty Reputation Points gained
Greatest Justice Begins! A crook is trying to steal that old lady's purse! Heroman, warrior for justice, cannot allow this to happen! 0-Star Mission 10
Rotten Scoundrel: Jaywalker! This jaywalker is eminating a demonic aura! Protect the city from whatever foul plans he may have! 1-Star Mission 10
Justice Served Hot! A poor pizza delivery boy has fainted on the job! Finish this delicious delivery in the name of justice! 1-Star Mission 10
Enact Justice On This Shoplifter! Someone has stolen a magazine from the gas station! Chase after this incredible foe and enact justice! 1-Star Mission 10
Justice Wash! This Car Shall Shine! When cars need washing, Heroman will answer the call! Help this citizen out with suds of justice! 1-Star Mission 10
Office Potluck Retribution! Jeff has forgotten to bring his potluck dish! Friggin' Jeff. Get a dish and school this office jerk! 1-Star Mission 10


Name Description Reputation Points needed
Martial Arts Basic martial arts knowledge. Heroman has to be able to punch stuff, obviously. available at start
Smoke Bomb Basic pyrotechnics. With these, Heroman can distract enemies and make quick escapes. available at start
Justice Cane A cane some old lady lent you. You can hit stuff with it, or use it to pole vault a bit. 5 Reputation Points


Name Description Reputation Points needed
Old Yeller A pretty crappy old motor scooter, with lots of rust. It moves faster than walking, but often breaks down. 5 Reputation Points