Heroes of Orquedia: Mystery of Lavareus

Kratos, is you?

In the first game, putting the Konami Code on the menu screen leaves you to a secret room, on the secret room have two statues, some jars and one throne, when you sit on the throne the games goes back to the title screen, the jars have some items, but, if you destroy the two statues you will recieve a phone number, if you call to that phone number, you will recieve a call from the creator of the game saying: "Oh, you are expecting Kratos? I FELL SO BAD ABOUT YOU!"

Totaka's Song

Go to the Locky's House and waits for 30 seconds, he will start sing the first part of the Totaka's Song, if you press down very fast, he will start sing the second part of the Totaka's Song. The Totaka's Song also is in the Music Shrine, if you choose the Music No° 5.

Music Shrine

In one part of the game, you reach to the Music Shrine, you find the Music Lady which have four songs which she can put to you list. If you choose option Noº 5, she will says "How you discover my secret? You searched in NeoGaf or something?, anyway here is the Totaka's Song!". If you stays on the Music Shrine until the music stops, She will says: "Nothing to do? Huh? Here a little game to you play! Super Space Shooter!! It's a very fun game!"

Heroes of Lavareus: Mystery of Orquedia

Completing the game without getting any fire character, make you unlock a secret mode, which you play as Julio, Doh or Hayden trying to destroy targets only using the fireballs. This minigame can only be played once.

The New Horizon

Stealth Edition

The Sages' Prologue

Land of Siria

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