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Heroes of Orquedia
Developer(s) The Tris Company
Publisher(s) The Tris Company
Genre(s) Fighting
First Game Heroes of Orquedia: Mystery of Lavareus
Most Recent Game Heroes of Orquedia: The New Horizon
I'm going to tell you, a story which you never heard in your life. A story about six heroes and your friends, in the brilliant realm of Orquedia. In a marvelous quest to save the realm from the evil guys. Four magical gems, the heroes sprities and pretty much everything of a Epic Journey, now and here in Heroes of Orquedia
Ion, in the trailer of the first game.

Heroes of Orquedia is a fully 2D Fighting/Adventure series created by The Tris Company, for the Wii U. The game tells the history of "Orquedia", a realm created almost three millions years ago. The first game has been released on the Wii U on 2012, which a unique gameplay style, Heroes of Orquedia become a huge sucess creating sequels and more.

How the game works?

The game occours in a fully 3D world map, but, the battles are in 2D, the game switches between two modes: "Adventure" and "Battle". While you are in Adventure Mode, you can explore, talk with people, enters in quests and side-quests, go in shops and more, when you touch a enemy or in a boss fight, the game changes to a 2D arena, which you need defeat the enemies using your powers and magics. There's a thing called "Element Cycle" which is a feature added on the first game, for a example: Water is more effective against Fire, but, Water is weak against Grass and so goes on. In the second game are added two-types warriors and new elements. The boss fight consists in Quick Time Events, which you need press a certain button at the certain time to you give damage to the boss.


  1. The Sages Prologue
  2. Mystery of Lavareus
  3. Stealth Edition
  4. The New Horizon
  5. The Land of Siria


Main Series

  • Mystery of Lavareus (2012, Wii U)
    • The first game of the franchise, which introduced various characters. This is the only game of the franchise which feature the Lavareus region.
  • The New Horizon (2013, Wii U)
    • The second game, nothing is known about the game. Will be revealed in Christmas Holiday Showcase 2012.


  • The Sages Prologue (2013, 3DS)
    • The first spin-off of the franchise, a 2-D platformer telling the story of the first four sages of nature: FiragaWateriaGreeni and Electrr.
  • Stealth Edition (2013, Wii U)
    • ​A spinoff stealth game for the Series Swap Day 5 which will be created by PolisKanin (tbc). It is rated 12/T and is as a stealth type twist to the gameplay.
  • Fantendo Funfair (2013, Multiplatform)
    • A crossover game like Nintendo Land featuring many series, including HoO. HoO has a minigame called World of Orquedia.
  • The Land of Siria (2014, Project Super)
    • ​Considered a spin-off, featuring Locky, three years after the events of Stealth Edition, were he goes to the land of Siria.

Playable Characters

Character Name Element Description Debut
Untitled 77 Locky Type Water "Locky, the main hero of the series and the sage of water. Locky is the oldest person of the heroes." Mystery of Lavareus
Dailena2hotu Dailena Type Electric "Dailena, the thunderous twin and the sage of thunder. Dailena has a twin sister named Dairena." Mystery of Lavareus
Dairenahotu Dairena Type Dark "Dairena, the mysterious twin and the sage of darkness. Dairena has a twin sister named Dailena." Mystery of Lavareus
Juliohotu Julio Type Fire "Julio, the guy "who doesn't care for anything" and the sage of fire. Julio can speak various languages, including Portuguese, Spanish and English." Mystery of Lavareus
Rockyhotu Rocky Lighttype "Rocky (don't be confused with Locky) is a hero that's helping Locky and his band of heroes. Rocky is the sage of Light. Mystery of Lavareus
Samhotu Sam Type Grass "A friend of Locky. He is shy and has a tendecy to improvise, he is also good at solving puzzles. He is the sage of Grass" Mystery of Lavareus
Tomhotu Tom Type Poison/Type Dark "A mysterious guy who cares about his friends, he likes adventures, but has a mysterious past.. He is the sage of poison. Mystery of Lavareus
Redhotu Red Type Normal "An energetic boy who is friends with Locky. People don't take him seriously due to his strange way of fighting, although he's a supportive friend." Mystery of Lavareus
Dohotu. Doh Type Fire "A very shy guy and calm guy who likes Adventures and wants help his friends. He knows a lot stuff, which is something useful in the adventure" Mystery of Lavareus
Haydenhotu Hayden Type Fire "A smart and couragerous guy who is friendly and wants to help anyone in need." Mystery of Lavareus
Joehotu Joe Type Ice "A friendly rival of Locky. He is smart, sarcastic, but clumsy and has a weakness for money. He is the Sage of Ice." Mystery of Lavareus
Rainbowhoo Rainbow Type Psychic "Rainbow is a girl which became the sage of psychic. She trained for three years in your house. Mystery of Lavareus
Untitled 89 Sheyna Twilight "A very outgoing person who constantly hides in a shell around unfamiliar people but is one of the funniest people around people he alreand knows." Mystery of Lavareus
Untitled 90 Volra Type Fire/Type Ground "A calm starter of Fire and Ground. He is shy and mild, like to play video games at many times. He is the sage of ground." Mystery of Lavareus
Lighthoo Light Lighttype "A young man who actively watches for the evil around his home. He is a nice and polite person, but can be a very deadly warrior in combat." Mystery of Lavareus

Easter Eggs

Heroes of Orquedia is very famous also about the Easter Eggs, click on the link below to see it.

Gallery of Logos


  • Strangely, the two-type fighters are introduced in the second game, but, Tom and Volra have two types and they debuted in the first game.

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