Hello, you are reading the final chapter of Heroes, of the series Regime.

Final - Atrum and the Last Battle

With a voice that shook the skies, Atrum spoke.

“YES, it is me, the god of eternal darkness, Atrum. Thank you for the land here, Invenit! A ha ha! You wan’t to fight me now? Well me and your...little friend...are taking a nice trip, to Catacumba Mortis! His time is SHORT.”

And with that, Atrum and Clausis disappeared into the ground. But wait-

Carissima grabbed Clausis’ hand, just before it disappeared into the rock. With help from Invenit, Atrum lost his grip on Clausis and he came right back up. Carissima took Clausis to hide as Atrum rose again.

“ HEROIC DEMONS! YOU think that YOU can go around, saving everyone from me! The Aboves will not be happy, oh NO THEY WON’T! Okay, you want a fight, I’ll give you one!! OH, I WILL. I hope you learned, Invenit!!”

With a heroic stance, Invenit spoke, “‘Fiat voluntas tua, sicut fortis ut’”

Atrum and the three heroes rose through the air, passing clouds, until the landed on a floating rock. Nothing special, no kegs or canisters, nothing. Just a battleground.

Atrum, with a flick of his wrist, sent Clausis flying upwards, the sky seeming to cut him, until he was thrown to the ground, unconscious. Invenit and Carissima had had enough.

Invenit, lifted by Carissima, jumped up to the dreadful face of Atrum, stabbing and slashing his cutter until he was thrown as well. Still conscious, he threw the cutter to Carissima, who jumped onto the back of Atrum.

Carissima slashed and hacked, but to no avail. She was zapped by dark energy, and fell to the ground, unconcscious as well.

“You see, Invenit, you cannot defeat me. Every one of your pitiful friends has nearly died! But, you want to really combat evil, try and defeat Deoregem, that’s who is evil.”

“No, not true.”


Atrum disappeared, sending Invenit up, on a pillar of rock, up to the Marble Hall, in the Skies of Deoregem.

Invenit took a step out, and walked slowly up the stairs to the hall. He heard a voice along the way.

“Hello, Invenit. It appears you had invenit carissima clausis, but now, unfortunately, she has died. Of course, that first phrase means you “found your love, locked away”. You did, didn’t you? Now what are you going to do, that I’ve told you the truth of Carissima, that I’ve revealed the first part of the Regime.”

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