Hello, you are reading Heroes: Chapter 9, of the series Regime.

Chapter 9 - Incensa

Invenit, Carissima, and Clausis entered the hollow inside of the Magna Arbor, to find...well...

“They...They burned our homes...” Carissima said, at a loss for words.

The Magna Arbor, burning away, was just starting to release smoke towers high enough to be seen from the Arbor top, which is why the trio did not notice the fire before entering. Invenit stood close to Carissima, comforting her as the trio went further in, trying to find some evidence as to why or how this could happen.

They found as they went, many bodies of the dead residents, burning in the flames. Carissima did not look.

Eventually, they came upon the village elder, Lorem, his dead body hung on a low branch, grasping a note. As Invenit reached for the note, he noticed Carissima starting to cry.

“What is it?” Invenit asked.

“L...Lorem was my father.” Carissima said, in tears. Invenit was taken aback by this. What great independence and power came off of her was shattered into sadness and a longing for her father. In this time of need, Invenit and Carissima grew closer than ever, to combat the emotional experience of death, all while Clausis read the note,

“Guys, hate to interrupt, but I think I know who killed him, and did this all. It says here in the note: ‘Vitam’s people be the cowards of the world, we have set fire to them as a way of showing them that they cannot escape. As I, Igne, the god of my territory of rock and fire, leave this land, I burn the heart of this old man.’ Sounds like Igne did this.”

“Well, then we have to go get him, in his territory. Well, let’s go.” Invenit said, getting up. Surprisingly, Carissima did not hold them up. Guess all that sadness turned into a vengeful power.

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