Hello, you are reading Heroes: Chapter 8, of the series Regime.

Chapter 8 - Battle 1

Invenit and Carissima were cornered. With his Defense Cutter in hand, Invenit was visibly ready for a battle. In his mind, he was scared out of it. Carissima took out some grass-knit Fumus Bombs (smoke bombs). It was then that Militen drew his own weapon, the Insidiae Lamina, or the Blade of Treason. It dwarfed the cutter, and Militen’s armor looked to be stronger than a few smoke blasts could take it down. Obviously outweaponed, the two hopeful escapees used the only advantage they had: their youth. Militen was older and bogged down by armor; he could not scale buildings and jump on rooftops like Invenit and Carissima. Militen would have to wait until both of them were together and caught off guard, then lob his blade, spinning towards them.

Unfortunately for him, they didn’t show any signs of letting up. But, now the battle was going nowhere. No one was attacking, and Militen was still blocking the exit. Then, Invenit saw, out of the corner of his eye, something small moving with a huge blast keg barrel, or Cadus Canalis.

Clausis, running while rolling his bomb, was determined to kill “Atrum.” But, what he thought was the mighty evil god was actually just Militen, however he didn’t know. With a light of the fuse, Clausis gave one final push. It rolled...rolled...until-

Boom! The blast keg exploded, sending Militen’s armored body over the border wall, and landing with a large thunk onto the ground, dead. Clausis, the little lost 6-year-old from Fluvius territory, had somehow saved both Invenit and Carissima and killed the chief warrior of Atrum, Militen Obscuri.

Invenit and Carissima were stunned, and they immediately came down from the rooftops to see the little kid hero. Clausis was overjoyed, starting to yell “I killed-”, but Carissima cut him off, explaining that he cannot announce it.

“Well, where do we go now?” Clausis asked the duo.

“We’re heading to Vitam’s territory to hide in the war.” Invenit answered, pointing towards the border wall.

The two, now three, escapees opened the wall door and walked outside Atrum’s territory. They were greeted by a charming change of scenery: lush meadows accented with tall, hanging trees and plentiful flowers. Carissima led the way to her house, heading towards the Magna Arbor.

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